These options are grayed out depending on your navigation status. I can’t find “G” on the internet except for an old Sony-Ericsson mobile phone. Most are similar to MapSource, such as the tools and edit toolbars, find options and view buttons. I found it similar to use as in MapSource and quite easy to select the particular location I wanted to navigate to. This feature is easily accessible by tapping the space bar.

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Mark Current Position This feature includes a toolbar button; it is a waypoint symbol and small red triangle.

I did find this to be a little confusing while navigating, when the route lines cross or became visible on the screen. To see the limited uses of nRoute and what it can do for you, if you do not have a GPS unit which autoroutes or have City Select software installed on your laptop, click here. I do like the feature of an address that updates constantly on this page. Favorite Finds You can save and manage specific addresses or points of interest that you frequently want to navigate to.

Because you have to have MapSource to use nRoute, most users will already have a basic understanding of how to operate the program. Toggle navigation Forum Navigation. Driving Directions After an autoroute is selected, you can get text directions on this page with leg time and distance.


Find Toolbar This is where you can select an address, city or point of interest to navigate. Please log in or register to answer this question.

Garmin GPS 18 USB With Nroute Navigation Software

Routes must be created using points of interest, addresses or waypoints. You can set up in the Navigation tab in the Preferences, how much guidance and directions you want. The track properties ggarmin location, speed, heading and time are stored in the program.

You can however switch it so only the active route is visible, in the Preferences, under the Display tab. Most popular tags gps cm8p u-center rtk neo-m8p neo-m8n uart configuration firmware ublox ubx nina-b1 sara-u nmea gnss usb sara-g atcommand odin-w2 toby-l m8p u-blox garmmin at neo-m8t antenna bluetooth serial data obs May need to zoom the map to desired scale.

Garmin GPS 18 USB With Nroute Navigation Software | eBay

Routes You can create specific routes and save them to be navigated at a later time. Find Options There are three find options, including find by name, find nearest and recently found places.

It will keep a track log, but will not autoroute for you with these units. There are up to 16 waypoint categories available as well. I will further Research Garmin forums. This feature is easily accessible by tapping the space bar.


You cannot download information from your GPS into nRoute, with the exception of the track data it records while connected nrouge nRoute. You can select each tab by using the mouse or with an F key.

What I bought is https: There is no route tool, like in MapSource, where a user can drag a line from point to point to create a route. Thanks Grampy for answering. Options are day, night or automatic.

USB Receiver to work with Garmin nRoute – Laptop GPS World

Icon is a stop sign. Vessel Visible This feature includes a toolbar button, the red triangle. Will also find device, if it is not automatically detected.

View Toolbar In addition to the zoom buttons for the map, there are three other new options: At night, garmn is black. This is useful because it dims down the brightness of the screen that can be distracting while driving at night. Voice clarity nRoute uses a female voice, which sounds synthesized, but it is not too bad. Very similar to the voice in the c3xx Street Pilot series.

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