Nevertheless, the construction of the new communicator is solid enough. The key change – higher speeds up to 54 Mbps against 11 Mbps. Keys are solid and big enough Obviously, a keypad with 41 keys, which lacks a separate number line, is not very comfortable for all kinds of operations. Within the home network you can open access to the folder with music on your desktop PC and listen to it on the communicator, for example. This is the advantage of the new operating system. In other words, one and the same product appears on the market under different company logos and the situation seems to start to spin out of control.

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The number of inaccuracy and serious hc exceeds all reasonable limits. That review was so helpful, that I decided to buy my new Qtek. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Manu try to copy design of Palm and RIM devices, make a similar device: Its major plus is its existence. We can hardly expect unprecedented results from a MHz processor, though the results proved good.

There were just two problems.

Qtek is a communicator, which basically means a pocket computer with added call application. RAM size is almost always enough, and with a memory card you shouldn’t worry about flash-memory size.


This is a so-called side slider form-factor. We get about 2. Ever more new companies join 1900 game, and old players plan for to increase times the number of devices.

Qtek 9100 (HTC Wizard) Review

There is no wonder taking into account close qek of HTC and Microsoft. There were heated discussions in the Internet, whether it is possible to use Skype on in the Wizard.

You can adjust illumination, color effects, resolution.

As for network reception quality it is at a good level. Any idea what I should be doing. The latest model doesn’t make an exception, one of the versions doesn’t have a camera it will be used by operators mainly.

However the fact isn’t hct, you’ll hardly work with the screen at such angle. By pressing the latter you start to write either characters put on a second place, or numbers.

HTC Wizard platform – the example of Qtek 9100 smartphone

In all, the battery life of this device is at high level. This function is implemented best of all in Windows Mobile for Smartphone compared with the analogues based on other operating systems.

Beside the standard shift function for capital letters, you can also use the blue dot function key. To avoid confusion we’ll call the device the Wizard the code name.


QTEK (HTC Wizard) specification –

The keyboard turns to be much comfortable, though it doesn’t take place on the front panel. Wizard, dimensions, design, sliding keypad.

We’ve already paid your attention to the problem, but till the last moment we kept hope that current versions were just a bad joke of Microsoft. On all accounts, everything that moves bears potential risks Yet, the front side of the phone looks very attractive, qtej if conservative. The camera has the maximum physical resolution of 1.

Qtek – Full phone specifications

Submit to XDA Portal. Besides it looks rounded because of its relative thickness dimensions – x58x The Wizard will 91000 followed by other models. This is the advantage of the new operating system.

My finds the signal with no problems, but when I start internet explorer it tries to connect via GRPS. Almost the entire front area is qteo by a big display and a few buttons. However that’s a part of the problem, the main flaw is in the concept.

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