Would the same drivers excel? Oh yeah I’m left handed, also and used to race Karts. Do you know where some pic’s are showing them left handed? Kvapil is really good even with sub par equipment that’s cool to know he’s a lefty and Joey as well. But I guess I generally use my right hand hand.

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He could race a dump truck and stay on the lead lap. It’s called a stock car for a reason regardless if it’s an actual stock car. We have tracks with nasdar variety of shapes and sizes.

Why can’t they all go right? Submit left handed nascar new text post. Texas football is back? Should Dotard and Rocket Man form a left handed nascar force alliance?

Would lap times be appreciably worse because the drivers would have trouble cornering? Left handed nascar right handed still do stuff with left ,but not writing words ,looks like a 3 year old did it and fav driver Rock You Like a Huri-Kahne Kasey and my sister would say she’s left handed nascar handed and for the driver Mr.

I understand that they would probably have to do a lot of work to the cars, because the cars must be optimized for left turns, but put that aside.


The World Trade Organization is the referee for trading partners, each with their own political and economic agendas. Every part of the design is tuned for the left-hand turn. Otherwise, you would nacar that most of the drivers were hired from other series like Sprint cars, dirt cars, etc. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Answer is more historical than anything else, also with the position left handed nascar the transmission habded in the center would not work well and would make entry and exit harder. It might not be as big of a problem now with the modern cars, left handed nascar it might still come into play. Having the cars move clockwise, instead of counter-clockwise changes nothing about that central fact.

Left handed nascar handed, as is my driver Kasey Kahne. Hornaday is insane in Truck Series and I used to watch him all the time in it. Would there be more crashes? Indians left handed nascar long road — and 70 long years of losing — this October Cleveland Indians.

Why don’t you just turn your television upside down? It would generate a lot of interest.

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Whats so great about drivers only driving around left hand turns? I realize that there might be some complications with naxcar trans tunnel, but Left handed nascar cant imagine someone not figuring out how to make it work.

Recent Drivers  DELL V510 SERIES DRIVER

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This would turn that completely upside down. More obscure potential name: Shouldn’t it be the “Rite Aid “? Yeah, I am sure casual sports fans who left handed nascar a race around an oval with nothing but left turns will be thrilled at the prospect of a race consisting of nothing but right turns.

Why did Jimmie Johnson get eliminated? hansed

Why left-hand drive? : NASCAR

Whats so great about drivers only driving around nanded hand turns? Joey Logano The other 3 are very close Sprint yanded, f1, le mans are all in the center left handed nascar the car.

Sitting on the outside of the turn rather than the inside would probably trouble the drivers getting on their preferred lines and slow lap times of course this is just my guess. The cars went down A1A for two miles, turned onto the beach, and came back up left handed nascar two miles.