The end that plugs into the modem is a not a standard pin type. At the end of the contract I switched to virgin broadband with their unlimited 5gb plan with no more to pay for excess usage, this plan is good and still seems like the best one on the market right now. I cut the lead on the BP3 and put in a joiner in it it is then simple to swap ends to suit the different units DON”T froget to alter the voltage tho!!! All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. LaWrie is powering his via 12v adapter. New features I am looking for:

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Unlocking means clearing the phone’s software setting so that the phone can be used on any network. Start-up the SimUnlock tools, bp3-xet 6 or 8 digit unlock cord. This or similar messages that appear on your handset means that your mobile phone is locked.

OLPC XO-1 using Maxon BP3-EXT

When buying international cards there is no contract that has to be signed with a service provider, you don’t have to commit to a one or two year modek like with local providers. All GSM phones are used with SIM card, Subscriber Identity Modulea smart card that securely stores the key identifying a mobile phone service subscriber, as well as subscription information, preferences and text messages. Unlocked phone is convenient to travel with, it can work with almost any provider in the world – just swap the SIM cards.


New features I am looking for: Z3x Server Credits for bp3-ect Qualcomm Samsung phones.

How to Unlock Maxon phones : Maxon Unlocking

Browse by Phone Type. For those attempting this here are some notes which may assist. Click ” OK “. Maybe I could run the 12 volt one direct but prefer to use the adapter because I have it, and it probably stabilises the voltage.

Remote unlock by unlocking software for Telstra Maxon BP3-EXT modem

After putting it back together it turns out the thing is locked to the telstra network. Do I need to go back and look harder or am I confused about what you’ve said? Can this be done? The manager should give an error and ask for the unlock code, Input the unlock code that you found and wait for the confirmation window and then restart your modem, And you should be good to go If you bp3-est internationally, the Mobal GSM sim card is a cheaper alternative to roaming service.

Phones are generally sold by a wireless carrier for much less than their actual retail value. Unlock is done using software that is delivered to you by email instantly after purchase. Your opinion matters to us, so speak up and be heard!

There are several types of cards that are offered by companies worldwide. Then checked network lock again and confirmed unlocked. Type in ATI, and it’ll come back with details of the modem ,odem you’ve done the earlier bits right. Unlocking itself takes a few minutes. PNG response at all no output oryou’ll get ‘Successfully send command.


This will confirm that dc-unlocker can unlock the modem.

What is Unlocking anyway? If your unlock code is you can then unlock it with the command:.

Maxon BP3-EXT

Unlocking Modems Warning repeatedly entering incorrect unlock codes may permanently disable unlocking. Click here to use moddem Unlock Finder! I did a little research.

Clients that Trust us to get the job Done Type the following to make sure your talking to the right thing, ATI This will come back with something like this. If you buy the SIM before you leave, you have a chance to make sure you understand how it works, and will also know its mocem number, which you can then conveniently give to people so they know how to contact you. But feature set will take precedence over price. Heaps of options although gigabit Ethernet will narrow them significantly, but I think all of them require you keep the USB modem.

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